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Content Policy

This section outlines policies and definitions for information published on our websites, email publications and other digital channels. We value editorial integrity and aim to publish relevant and accurate content.

We take no responsibility and assume no liability as a result of actions or issues resulting from information or advice found on our resources and digital channels.

Editorial content sources

Editorial news content originates from sources such as AAP, Reuters, government and industry bodies. Other editorial content originates from contributors commissioned by us.

Editorial content is marked , or is identified as such by not linking with an active Supplier.

Supplier content sources

Storefront Suppliers - Storefronts are a paid annual package on our websites that generate enquiries for businesses by showcasing their products & services, media releases & videos.

Storefront content is marked , or is branded as such by linking to an active Storefront.

Storefront owners have access to add content using an online submission area. Submitted content is reviewed by us before going live. Good quality editorial content is published on public areas of the site and in our E-newsletters. View our writing guides and tutorials

Non-Paying Suppliers - Our websites also feature complimentary supplier listings which have been researched and added by our editors or originate from expired paying Storefronts. Only paying suppliers have direct access to leads generated on our websites. We manage leads sent to non-paying suppliers as determined by us. Non-paying suppliers can choose not to be listed by contacting us.

Market Vendors - In addition to paying and non-paying suppliers we also showcase businesses under our Market Vendor program. This is a pay for performance service whereby suppliers are promoted in exchange for a commission on sales that originate from us.

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We do not assume responsibility or damages for inaccurate information provided or published by any source. Readers should notify us of any content issues or inaccuracies so we can investigate and work towards fixing any problems


Privacy Policy

We are committed to user privacy in accordance with the Privacy Amendment Act 2000 and are bound by the National Privacy Principles ('NPPs') which were introduced into the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) ('Privacy Act') by the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000.

We will update this privacy policy as required. If changed, the changes will be posted on the website so that users are made aware of what information is collected, how it is used and when it may be disclosed. If at any time we are required by law to release information, we are obliged to co-operate fully under required legal duty.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to acts or practices that are directly related to employee records of current or former employees.

Sponsored or third party campaigns

All subscribers to our e-newsletters automatically receive sponsored advertising campaigns. This is a condition of subscription as these campaigns allow us to maintain free high quality content. To maintain subscriber satisfaction we limit the frequency of sponsor messages. Advertisers and sponsors are not provided with audience details other than is expressly stated or submitted through the campaign. When campaigns require registration or request information, subscribers are made aware when details are provided to any 3rd party.

News personalisation

Upon subscription we collect information such as company details and job description. This information allows us to better understand our audience. Newsletter categories can be tailored to provide more personalised and relevant content. Subscription details are protected and are not supplied to outside organisations unless authorised by you at the time of a particular campaign.

Advertiser requests & enquiries

When website visitors send an email request to a supplier through our online forms, we store information such as: name, phone number, location, email and message details. Paying suppliers to whom the request was sent are provided with the details. Requests to non-paying suppliers are not sent directly to a particular supplier. We manage these requests as determined by us.

Adding a business

A listing can only be requested by a local employee of a business who has provided a local and  contactable phone number and personal company email address. To qualify, businesses must supply products and/or services targeted towards our specific audiences.

Certain categories are not open to new free listings, while others are. Our editors may include or exclude listings at their own discretion.

Activity data
Our websites collect basic information such as session data, search terms, user behaviour and click statistics. This information is stored and tracked for internal trend analysis only. Paying suppliers are able to access parts of this information to monitor their activities.

Follow feature

Our follow feature allows subscribers to follow suppliers. Suppliers may be provided with information from their followers.

Storage of information

We adopt strong security measures to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of our information and that of our audience. These include:

a. external and internal physical premises security;
b. restricted access to customer information;
c. software to prevent unauthorised computer access via networks, such as firewalls, password protection and data encryption;
d. regular reviewing and testing of technology to improve security.

Updating or removing subscriber details

We provide options for accessing, modifying and removing subscriber details. Subscribers can choose an unsubscribe option, or update information online through the website's login facility. The website's Basic Unsubscribe function stops subscribers from receiving certain emails. Basic details are maintained for future reference.



System Specifications


Our search facilities use commercial grade search and indexing technology. Features include:

  • The search calculates rankings based on the search string provided by the user. Rankings are based on predefined search algorithms within our technology.
  • The search term and each individual term within the search string are ranked, and the values are summed to arrive at a final ranking score.
  • There are a large number of words which occur very frequently and are not helpful in resolving searches. Such words are referred to as noise words. For example words which linguists class as articles, such as the, a, and at are for the most part irrelevant in a search. These words are not included as part of a search.
  • The ranking for terms is decided based on ethical frequency of terms and the density or frequency of search terms occurring relative to the other terms.
  • The search will also add words to the query via inflectional generation (stemmed forms of the original query terms); For example if the user query contains 'label' word, the search will also look for words like 'labeling', 'labeled' etc. These words are treated as separate terms with no special weighting or relationship with the words from which they were generated.
  • Synonyms generated from the Thesaurus feature are treated as separate, equally weighted terms to determine ranking.