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"Great brand exposure and product awareness"

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Paul Hinz, Marketing Coordinator

We've used IndustrySearch to get our name out there in the industry. We're really happy with the extra brand exposure and product awareness we've gained, as well as the relevant leads our listing has generated, which are definitely worth passing on to our sales team.

The fact the Storefront is self-managed suits us because we can log-in anytime to make changes and the updates appear live on our Storefront within 24 hours. It's perfect because that means the Storefront is always fresh. The customer support and service we receive is also outstanding.

"Every enquiry is qualified and targeted!"

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Tim Papas, National Sales Manager

We've been involved with a few different online marketing platforms and IndustrySearch has been by far the most successful. Every enquiry we receive through the Storefront is qualified and targeted. For example, we received an enquiry for our battery watering systems which led to a substantial knock-on sale of about $25,000 per year with a new customer. That one enquiry opened up a great opportunity we didn't know about.

As an advertiser I love that it's easy to add content to the Storefront and we have scope to promote our products in different ways. Our account manager is great at keeping in touch and helping us with different ideas for the Storefront. And from a user perspective the website is clear and concise, you don't have to work hard to get to where you're going and find helpful information. I can't say enough good things about IndustrySearch.



"Great ROI!"

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Ben Van Wijk, Marketing

It's definitely a worthwhile return on investment. We analyse our various lead sources so we can actually quantify the success of MedicalSearch and see that it provides us with ongoing sales leads. On average we receive about two or three quality enquiries from potential buyers each week. One of the best features is the 'Hot Products' promotion for one month on the website and in the NewsWire. We've boosted sales for a few products using this feature.

"Best move we've ever made!"

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Eddi Cohen, Medical Director

Signing up to MedicalSearch was the best move we've ever made. We haven't looked back. The increased exposure has solidified our client base and helped it grow exponentially. Our penetration into the dental industry, specifically for special needs, has been very rewarding and there's no question we can thank MedicalSearch for a lot of that growth.

As people read the news through MedicalSearch they also have the opportunity to see relevant Storefronts, company logos and highlighted products, which means a wider audience recognising our business. We've also found that our online search results have improved. People are now discovering us either through MedicalSearch or our own website. It's a double bonus for any small to medium business.

I even refer people straight to MedicalSearch when they make an enquiry we can't assist with. I tell them, 'Whatever you're looking for, you'll find it there'.


"It has helped increase our brand awareness"

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Steve Henderson, Marketing Manager

From a marketing perspective, HospitalityHub is a great platform. You can tell that they have positioned themselves well on search engines because in some cases HospitalityHub ranks higher than our own website.

It’s also helped increase our brand awareness along with getting us a few good deals. Even though it’s an Australian platform, we still get great overseas requests.

One of my favourite features is that HospitalityHub displays a range of different products and allows the user to compare, which is great!


"Many of the HospitalityHub leads do convert into a sale"

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Nico Borgonovo

Conversion rates with any medium are never 100% but many of the HopsitalityHub leads do convert into a sale.

The HospitalityHub team are very supportive which is great because I don’t always have the time to upload new products. I just spoke with our Account Manager a few days ago who suggested various ideas for our online marketing strategy.



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