Why even the best known brands invest in marketing 

You might think that everyone knows your company, so you don't need to invest in marketing, right? Not true. Even the most successful and well known brands invest in marketing, particularly content marketing. Why?

To be seen as a market leader

It takes time, money and hard work to build and maintain a brand's reputation as a market leader. Your brand has to position itself in the hearts and minds  of prospects and customers wherever they are.

As a market leader you need to be seen where other market leaders “hang out.” Your brand needs to be associated with other successful brands. (This is why you will often see a KFC right next door to a McDonalds).

B2B marketing is no different. Your brand needs to be seen at the right trade shows, in the right mediums, and in the right online marketplaces along with your competitors. This strategy maintains brand position with buyers and keeps the “upstarts” who are constantly chasing your customers, on their toes.

To introduce new products to the market

New product introductions and market roll-outs often carry daunting expectations. A poorly-executed product launch can cost jobs, reputations, thousands of dollars, and damage to a brand's image in the market.

Lucrative new product roll-outs require multiple levels of relevant content  positioned to connect with buyers. Buyers and information seekers want to see: 

  • Technical specifications
  • Video and images
  • 'How to' articles
  • Case studies that demonstrate the powerful new product and how it makes a difference to them.

When successful B2B marketers launch new products they aim to position their new “baby” in front of a highly targeted audience of buyers, to maximise their success rate.

To maintain the brand's hard won position

You've invested a small fortune creating the market for your brand. Now you can afford to invest what it takes to protect that hard won market position. 

How do you keep your brand top of mind, delivering qualified leads to your business across multiple channels and marketing touchpoints?

An integrated communication mix model which includes all major channels that your customers access, is essential to stay ahead of the game. If your customers are miners, make sure your message is present in all arenas miners hang out. Fish wherever the fish are. Be seen wherever your market is looking.

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