Why content marketing is the key that opens doors

Content marketing builds credibility

Demonstrating  that your business is “credible”, is a major component of any effective marketing strategy. 
Today credibility must be built online. 

Building credibility online is done by producing quality content which engages, informs and educates prospects. The right content builds trust and highlights your business as a thought leader in the eyes of your customers. 

Content marketing influences buyers

Buyers go online to research information, solve problems and discover information that will lead to a less risky decision. 

“77% say the web is the place to find out about new products and companies – more than twice as many as the next highest medium.” Source: Washingtonpost.com 

Therefore the quality of the leads you are attracting online is a function of the content you are creating and getting out in front of prospects. When you write about the right industry-related topics you'll have an engaged user that wants to learn more about your business. 

Nurturing buyers through their buying journey

Think of your content as a tool that moves prospects from awareness all the way along the buying journey to conversion.

When you understand the way your customers buy in today’s market, then you can harness this knowledge to create campaigns and content which centre around your customers' buying cycle.

Your goal is to nurture qualified leads along their purchasing decision process and ultimately convert them into paying customers.

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