What metrics can I track in my Storefront?

You can track a number of things in your Storefront, all of which help you gauge your Return on Investment (ROI) and make improvements to optimise your Storefront's success. The metrics you can track include:

Qualified Buyers
This metric gives you an estimate of the amount of buyers that came through your Storefront. We calculate this on 3 or more page views per session, an industry average before a user makes a B2B buying decision.

The total number of times buyers viewed your phone number, sent you an email enquiry and went from the Storefront to your website.

Content Views
The total number of page views for all the content inside your Storefront, including Products & Services, Articles, & Events.

Brand Views
The total number of times your company logo appears in searches and supplier categories. This excludes banner ads and any emails newsletters.

Product Conversion Rate
This metric is used to calculate your Storefront conversion. Your total products views are divided by the total responses (phone views + email enquiries + website referrals).

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