How to become a thought leader and why it's important

Thought leaders earn respect by providing introspective information to their industry. Their observations are informative and engaging – not purely promotional. They are advocates for change and unselfish sharers of innovations along the path of improvement.

What do thought leaders gain from this? 
Well, plenty. Let's say you're struggling with a workplace safety issue. You read a free how-to guide by an industry-leading supplier that offers an effective solution. The next time you have a safety question, where do you look for answers? And the time after that, when your safety equipment requires an upgrade?

By satisfying the thirst for improvement, thought leaders cultivate trust and a sense of loyalty in those who follow their gems of wisdom.  If the thought leader has been clever in attracting the right 'followers' – in other words, potential customers – they now have something far more powerful than any loyalty card. They have buyer confidence.

How does thought leadership work?

  • Showcase your specialist knowledge via opinion pieces, case studies, how-to guides, Q&A articles, videos and more
  • Gain trust and build a community of followers
  • Present your products and services when you have earned the right to do so
  • Ultimately the trust and loyalty you build will reap rewards through actual sales
  • Now that thought leadership has generated market leadership, the cycle continues

Create content, not contempt
A lot of digital content is an insult to its readers. Less astute operators use in-house assistants or novice writers to flood their sites and blogs with words masquerading as articles. The best advice is to stay well away from such practices and create content you are proud of. Your readers are smart, so provide them with intelligent material.

Examples of good thought leadership pieces:

Optimising forklift safety and efficiency
Surgery deaths 'could' be linked to cough syrup ingredient
Smartphones & smarter kitchens: the future of foodservice

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