4 step plan to writing and uploading a product listing

Writing a good product listing is the key to generating leads, so to get it right from the start we've put together this 4 step process to guide you.

Write your content
Write your product content in a document that can be shared around with your team, allowing everyone to provide feedback and suggestions before coming up with your final draft.

The most effective product listings use the 'Features, Benefits, Applications' structure. To learn more watch this video

To ensure the product name and content is geared around high search volume terms, advanced marketers often use a keyword analysis tool.

Plan our visuals
Get together any photos and videos you're planning to use. Try to ensure your shots are as clear and professional as possible, but even if they aren't perfect, it's still better to have them.

While glistening shots of your product in a show room are great, demonstrating your product in action is something buyers like to see. For this you may need to ask for help from an existing customer who uses it. See: Videos help buyers choose you!

Develop a sales lead management process
Generating the lead is just the first step. A good lead management process should kick in so buyers build the confidence and trust they need in your business to seal the deal.

At the very least your lead management process should include good screening questions plus a strong quoting and follow-up process. 

Upload the product to your Storefront
Now you're ready to upload the product listing and visuals into your Storefront. Login with your access details and click 'Add a product'. It's easy from there. 

Storefronts with many product listings can use the Product Directory to better organise their product catalogue.

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