3 valuable content pieces that drive decision making

Research shows that B2B buyers are counting on quality informative content, more than ever before to make buying decisions. This means that buyers and decision makers are looking for valuable and relevant information that they can use to self-educate. So what type of content gets the best traction with B2B customers?

How-to articles, buying guides and white papers build credibility

The purpose of business content is to impart informative and useful information, with the main objective of driving profitable customer action.                                                              

Buying guides and authoritative white papers are considered useful tools for business people seeking to understand an issue, solve a problem or make a decision.                                                                                                     

How-to articles are not only interesting and informative, but they are also actionable. Ideally you want your content to provide practical use for the buyer which automatically makes your company more credible in the eyes of the prospective customer.

As an example: If you sell welding machines and provide good tips on 'How to clean a welding nozzle', you will no doubt be seen as a credible expert and win favour with buyers.

Product demonstration videos engage your target audience

Product demo videos have become increasingly popular. Instructional videos play a critical role in any brand's marketing strategy.

Product demo videos have become a valuable customer engagement tool to help the prospective customer grasp your product value immediately. A product video captures your product's best features and unique uses whilst engaging your target audience. Videos are also easier for buyers to pass around to their buying team. Videos that achieve the most impact include a call to action in both visual and audio.

Customer and product reviews are a popular source of buyer information

Product case studies are still among the most popular B2B marketing tactics used online today. In fact, a 2013 LinkedIn survey indicated that customer testimonials and case studies are considered the two most effective content marketing tactics when lead generation is the primary objective.

In-depth user reviews provide buyers and information seekers with a trusted alternative to vendor-produced case studies. Prospective buyers want to hear user stories. They want the reviews to be unwashed and provide a balanced discussion by including both the pros and cons. Buyers want to know what it would really be like to work with a vendor on a day-to-day basis. Multiple perspectives from peers with similar business needs and challenges helps decision makers make an informed purchase.

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