3 things that no longer work in industrial marketing

Traditional advertising no longer works

The hardest thing about selling in a B2B market today is that customers don’t find you the way they used to. They don't buy from you the way they used to either!

Gone are the days when customers would find you in the Yellow Pages, trade magazines, trade shows, promotional emails and direct mailings. In the digital age, these mediums just don’t not have the same pulling power and circulation numbers they once had. 

Today’s customers require a completely different approach. Traditional advertising has given way to customer-centric inbound marketing. 

Inbound marketing is the first line of marketing today, and to be successful at it, you need to understand how your customers and prospects buy.


Sellers no longer control the buying process

Research shows that 60% of a typical purchasing decision happens before even having a conversation with a supplier. 

Buyers now turn to their personal networks and publicly available information (via digital and social media channels) to self-diagnose their problems and form opinions about the best solutions to suit them.

Customers and prospects no longer need sales reps to educate them on the complexity of the products and their applications, thanks to:

  • increasingly sophisticated buying/procurement teams
  • the plethora of information buyers have at their fingertips to readily define solutions on their own

Relying on search engine as a source of leads is flawed

SEO is a constantly moving target. What worked in SEO yesterday no longer works today.

Google makes over 500 changes to its algorithm each year. That’s the equivalent of at least one to two per day!
This makes SEO and top search rankings tenuous at best.

If you work at it, you may achieve a #1 placement , and while your traffic may go up, your sales may not. 

This is because website traffic is only the beginning of the lead generation process. Clever buyers turn to multiple online sources for their information, not just your own website.

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