3 great ways to generate sales using digital marketplaces

Digital marketplaces have become a trusted source where industry professionals discover new suppliers and keep up to date with ideas and technologies. Here are three great ways to generate sales using digital marketplaces.

Reach buyers who are subscribed to their newsletters

Generating business leads can be expensive and challenging unless you reach your target market. Attracting the right buyers is a far more affordable and efficient way to generate business.

  • Digital marketplaces have a large existing captive audience of relevant buyers subscribed to their newsletters
  • Readers use the newsletters to keep up to date and stay informed about products and ideas particular to their own professional interests
  • Your articles, case studies and product information can be showcased directly to your target audience
  • You can be seen as an industry expert and thought leader by showcasing your knowledge and successes

Publishing content that influences decision makers

To be successful in B2B sales, you must be seen as trustworthy.To influence decision makers, your products and brand need to stand out against your competitors. Relevant and good quality content plays a significant role in the building of your brand credibility and showcasing what you do. 

Digital marketplaces provide access to a broad audience where you can actively publish articles, videos, news, product information, case studies, whitepapers etc., directly to buyers and decision makers.

Digital marketplaces are recognised as authority sites and seen by buyers as a trusted resource hub to learn more about products and solutions to solve business challenges. This means that marketers can focus their efforts in positioning their brand and products directly in front of their targeted audience. Digital marketplaces connect with and educate their visitors, establishing credibility and long-term relationships.

Optimised product content driving search engine traffic

Digital marketplaces with a wide audience are seen by the market and by search engines as an authority, resulting in a lot of web traffic. Authority sites attract this traffic due to:

  • A high page rank score
  • Quality, relevant market content
  • New subscribers joining all the time
  • Direct traffic
  • Extensive online and offline marketing efforts
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