3 easy content marketing ideas to win clients

Today's B2B buyers are hungry for information to help them find and choose solutions. In fact 57% of B2B buyers currently make their purchasing decision, before they even make contact with you. So we know that 'content' opens the door to sales. With that in mind, here are 3 easy content marketing ideas to help you win new industrial customers.

Develop case studies to build credibility

Case Studies are a powerful tool to influence buyers and demonstrate your expertise. A simple Case Study includes at least a paragraph of content under each of these headings:

- What was the challenge
- What was the solution
- What were the results

A good Case Study is not promotional. It should be factual and unbiased in its view. Aim to include a picture, quotes from the customer and validated numbers. It can be as short as 300 words or up to 1000 words. Any longer starts to make it a challenging read.

Use videos to boost enquiries

If an image speaks a thousand words, imagine the promotional possibilities of showcasing your technology in action, or verbally and visually sharing your knowledge with an audience of eager buyers.

Informative demonstration videos are a direct avenue to B2B marketing success, and fortunately they are not as difficult to create or share as you might think. 

Showcase your content in front of targeted buyers

Now that you have great content, you need to put that in front of your target market. Whether that's on one of our Marketplaces, on your own website, or through your social media channels, getting your message out is critical.

One powerful planning tool is to put together a Content Calendar for the year ahead. This can include specific dates, distribution channels, and the subject of all content and promotions for the 12 months. From this you can start your planning and decide who will do what in your organisation by when.

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