10 ways to convince your boss about digital marketing

Bosses come in all shapes, sizes and technological configurations. Some are well and truly up to speed, while others have plied their trade since IBM bosses proclaimed that the world market for computers would be a grand total of one.

If your boss is yet to embrace the digital era, perhaps it's time for a gentle nudge – but not too gentle.

Here are 10 ways to convince your boss about digital:

Digital begins with digit
And digits are attached to real people. Sure the internet is a high tech jungle to many, but your boss doesn't need to understand how it works – just that it does work. Real people drive it with real content that reaches real customers.

Digital drives business
Find relevant data and case studies to prove that digital marketing works. If there isn't any data for your business yet, snoop around for the online sales statistics and success stories of competitors.

Link it all together
Send your boss emails with specific digital marketing tips and ideas. Include links to examples of digital marketing being done well – especially in your business space. If it exists, it's online, and one of the best ways to convert your boss is to take them on a digital journey.

Go social
Send a top quality blog, article or video to their favourite social media account. Once they thank you for sharing such great content, subtly mention how many hundreds of shares, views, likes and comments it has generated around the world. That should be the goal for your content.

Network in your niche
Give your boss a real taste of digital marketing success by taking them to a business networking conference. It won't take long for a few peers to share their own digital triumphs and for your boss to want a slice of the action.

Show them where the market went
Here's a staggering fact for your boss: more than 50 per cent of Australians are now researching and shopping online. Explain that ignoring digital marketing means ignoring half the country.

Do some comparisons
Show your boss the cost and reach of one full page ad in a local paper or trade magazine. Compare that to the cost and reach of a digital marketing campaign. Talk about targeting, tracking, measuring and all the other advantages of digital marketing.

Drum up new business
There's nothing like hard evidence. Show your boss how fast you can source new prospects online. Demonstrate how easy it is to start a dialogue using social media or a digital B2B marketplace.

Mention the mind-googling data
Use Google Keyword Tool to highlight how many people search for keywords relevant to your business. Dazzle your boss with the numbers and sheer scale of the market.

Appeal to their ego
Show your boss some great competitor Storefronts at our digital marketplaces and draw their attention to the informative content those businesses are sharing. Highlighting what competitors are doing well is a proven way to get a business leader thinking.

Attract buyers with a Storefront
A Storefront gives buyers in-depth product reviews, case studies, project outlines and press releases they need to choose your business.

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